The people that brought you "The Dark Duo" and "Stickman: It's a stickmans world. Your just living in it." have now become smart enough to create a Studio! What a bunch of Bone Heads...

Thursday, December 09, 2004

"Playing with fire and not getting burned..."

^^^Song called "Prayer for the Dying" by Seal^^^

It's been like...two months since my last update...sux0rz! I have been busy...with...nothing interesting. In fact I can't really remember anything over the last two I'm suffering from amnesia...Stupid promise to my friend I'd keep one. The jerk. Like she ever updates hers. That said, I'm not feeling so guilty ^_^

A quick overveiw of the last two or so months will follow this short message: Told you it was short...jerk

Um...I have collected a large collection of manga, read probably an eighth of my books, bought several more books, filled two art books with CRAPPY (no matter what people say) pictures, beat most of my video/computer games, and watched over two dozen movies ^_^ There ya go! That's it!

Well, Christmas coming up (all that nausiating Joy and Peace on Earth stuff. *shivers*) we are decking the halls. You know, running into them, knowing them to the ground. I actually didn't realize that Christmas was coming up, untill like...a week ago. It was weird...Anyhow, It's late, and I gotta get.