The people that brought you "The Dark Duo" and "Stickman: It's a stickmans world. Your just living in it." have now become smart enough to create a Studio! What a bunch of Bone Heads...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Caput Mortuum

Well, I've done several peices of Artwork, Several characters design...and I think they're all pretty awesome! You wanna see em don't you? Well, problem of them, my fav, got torn, which sucks really...really...badly. Second, I don't have a scanner hooked up to my computer right now, and the other computer is currently occupied.

Other then that...I've got a cold. I can't breath threw my nose, my thoat hurts and I'm coughing away, and to cap it all off...My foot hurts TT_TT

So I guess this is the first official BHS post...Can't really show you'll probably have one later this evening...It's like 12 ^_^;;; And not much Later!


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